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My Zululand Scrapbook

"You gave us the opportunity to see and experience a part of rural Zulu life that we couldn't have done on our own. We felt privileged to be given that insight. Your knowledge, expertise and love of your work, your country, the Zulu people and their culture were so obvious and much appreciated.
Warmest regards"
Heather and Gordon
Northern Ireland.


"Get hold of tour guide
Henry Bird

for a day jam-packed
with fascinating facts
and more than your
fair share of laughs"
- Shelley Seid
The Sunday Times
Travel Weekly


" Recently we watched a programme on TV about the Zulu war and the battles of Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift. It was interesting, but not nearly as good as being there and having it explained so well. Thank you again.
Best wishes"

Pauline & Mel, England



It is my conviction that Zululand has more to offer tourists than any other part of this country.

The indigenous people with their rich and colourful history, as well as their attractive lifestyle, are a major attraction, add to this the natural beauty of this part of South Africa and one has the primary ingredients for an exciting and memorable visit.

In addition, Zululand has another major attraction in the form of its wonderful wildlife. We can claim the Big Six - not only with the Big Five in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Park - but also with the Southern Right Whale as a regular winter visitor off our coast.
Add to that the brilliant birding thoughout the whole of Zululand - over 600 species of the possible 960 found in the entire country - and the potential visitor has all the ingredients for a fascinating visit.

Although our summers can be hot and humid, the weather for the rest of the year is so mild that we can honestly claim to offer visitors a 12-month season: sea temperatures off the Zululand coast vary between 18 and 24 degrees Celcius making a visit to any of our splendid beaches a treat, and only in the highlands can one expect to find chilly winters.

As a long-time resident and registered tour guide, I can offer any visitor an intimate introduction to this remarkable part of our country.

- Henry Bird.

The royal Reed Dance 2012
The Annual Royal Reed Dance - the highlight of the Zulu cultural calendar and one of the most astonishing gatherings of young girls in the world - has come and gone and what a colourful event it was. Our guests were given VIP seats in the Royal Enclosure at the Enyokeni Palace near Nongoma where they enjoyed a majestic view of 10 000 maidens dressed in their finest beadwork present their reeds to the Zulu king.

As the oldest Colonial settlement in Zululand, there is much for visitors to see and do in and around this historic town. In a guided tour visitors can learn about the history of the area: How Norwegian missionaries were the first Europeans to make meaningful contact with the Zulu kingdom and how the Anglo-Zulu War in 1879 tore the kingdom apart but left a lasting legacy with its colonial administration.

Zululand has always inspired fiery passions and it boasts one of the largest concentration of battlefields in South Africa - be it Boer against Brit, British against Zulu or Zulu against Zulu. Retrace the events leading up to the Battle of Blood River/Ncome River and then visit the remarkable battlefield. The famous battlefields of Rorke's Drift and Isandlwana are also an easy day trip away.

Timeless Zululand
Drive into the undiscovered Thukela River valley, where visitors can get an idea of what life in Zululand prior to the advent of the colonial settlers was like. It also includes visits to Ntunjambili (Krans Kop) and the KwaSizabantu Mission. Travel through some awesome scenery and take in the palatial homestead of President Jacob Zuma, ShuShu hotsprings as well as Ntingwe, the only tea estate in KZN.

Shaka Country
This tour through the immediate surroundings of Eshowe takes visitors to the site where King Shaka had his Royal capital - KwaBulawayo. His mother, Nandi, who was such an important figure in his life, is buried close by. We also visit Mandawe Cross with its spectacular site overlooking the Nkawleni Valley which was once the king's personal hunting ground.

Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Park
Take in the fascinating story of Zululand while you travel on the historical Route 66 through the Valley of the Kings and ulundi to one of the oldest game reserves in Africa and home to the black and white rhinoceros. Once inside the park you will be spoilt with some excellent viewing and with luck you will get the Big Five before picnicing on the banks of the iMfolozi River.

Zulu Heritage
One of my most popular tours takes in a visit to a rural village, including a school, where visitors have the opportunity to experience the realities of life in Zululand. There are also opportunities to buy craft directly from the people who make it. An extended tour takes in a visit to the Valley of the Kings where visitors can learn about life in the times of King Cetshwayo and King Dingane.


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